The demand for real estate in Germany continues to push prices up.

Additional catalysts for the growth of the cost per square meter are: cheap loans and investment activity.

On the example of Frankfurt for the period from 2010 to 2015, the cost per square meter rose by 39% and amounted to an average of 4500 euros.

This opportunity could not fail to take advantage of German and foreign investment companies, as well as private investors creating and diversifying their portfolios.

Despite the fears of macroeconomic institutions of this trend, most analysts, given the opportunities, prospects for Frankfurt, and the market as a whole, predict continued growth in property values.

Considering that real estate in Germany is distinguished by its fundamental nature - proven repeatedly in practice, by the absence of a speculative nature - the systematic rise in prices for square meters of real estate acts as an additional incentive for investors.

Today, the residential and commercial real estate market in Germany maintains a leading position at the global level and continues to open up new opportunities for both investors and private buyers.

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