German quality and the brand “Made in Germany” are known all over the world, all this also applies to the German real estate market.

If you want to invest in your stability and be sure of the fundamentality of your investment, then real estate in Germany is what you need.

Germany stands out from the developed countries as a stable competitive economy that has proven its efficiency more than once. Low inflation, affordable mortgages, working laws, high social security, free education, one of the best health care systems.

The country is the undisputed leader of the EU. All these facts attract and interest investors from many countries.

Yes, according to the law, non-residents can buy real estate in Germany without any restrictions, on a par with the citizens of the country. In addition, real estate can be purchased by both a private and a legal entity.
Yes, it is possible. The scheme of making such a deal is fine-tuned. You shall notarize the power of attorney for the transaction and put an apostille on it at the Ministry of Justice. Further, the power of attorney and the apostille should be translated into German and sent to us for further actions on the search and purchase of an investment-attractive real estate in Germany.

The security and inviolability of private property in Germany are constitutionally prescribed in §94.

The procedure for performing the activities of notaries on the transfer of ownership of real estate has been perfected to the smallest nuances. Over the past half century, not a single illegal transaction has been recorded in Germany.

It is also worth noting that the acquired real estate, the land in Germany will be in the personal ownership of the buyer.

Considering all the above facts, you can be confident in the reliability of any period of the transaction for the acquisition of real estate in Germany, as well as in the reliability of your investment.

Buying real estate in Germany does not give you the right to obtain a residence permit, but when considering an application for a residence permit in Germany, your own real estate in Germany will be a significant plus.

One of the most reliable and proven ways of obtaining a residence permit with subsequent permanent residence is business emigration.

The instrument for solving this issue is commercial real estate in Germany.

Prime Germany Estate partners with leading, professional companies in the field of commercial real estate investment.

One of the most profitable factors for purchasing real estate in Germany and investing money capital is attracting mortgage loans at a low-interest rate (2-4 *% per annum).
Немецкая экономика, в таких случаях, будет работать на Ваше благосостояние.

In fact, in Germany, there is no paragraph prohibiting lending to non-residents of the country and we can say that today German banks provide a mortgage to foreign citizens, both individuals, and legal entities.

Knowing this information, foreign investors can independently start buying real estate with the attraction of mortgage lending, but as a rule, without knowing the nuances of the banking structure of Germany, it is possible to face a number of obstacles from banks:
From a banal refusal to open a bank account to questions about the presence of permanent income in Germany, etc.

In turn, Prime Germany Estate assists in obtaining mortgage loans and we are ready to share the experience with the company's clients.

A mortgage is a rather capacious issue and the possibility of a positive decision on issuing a loan is of a purely individual nature.

In addition to assessing the quality of the loaned object, an important aspect of a positive decision on lending to residential real estate which does not generate income is your solvency and constant income.
Income should significantly exceed the monthly deductions for the loan body.

In general, we recommend that the solution to the issue of lending, similar to the purchasing of real estate in Germany, be provided to professional, specialized companies.

To purchase real estate in Germany, it is not necessary to open an account in a German bank.
All necessary payments can be made through a bank in any other country.

After purchasing real estate in Germany and when renting it out, there is a need to open an account in a German bank for a more convenient process of calculating rent, utility bills, and real estate management services.

We assist our clients in opening an account in a German bank.
You can control your account using on-line banking.

In Germany, in practice, there are two types of payment for the value of real estate:
1. notary trust account
2. directly to the owner's account

1. Payment through a notary's trust account:

After signing the sales contract, the notary opens a special trust account (Notaranderkonto). From this account, all monetary transactions on the transaction will take place. Only a notary has access to this account.

On average, the buyer is given up to 4 weeks to pay the invoice for the entire value of the property, as well as the costs of making the transaction for the trust.
After making the payment for the property, the notary proceeds to pay the remaining accounts from the trust account (accounts of the land court, financial service, etc. etc.).

Money is transferred to the seller only after all the necessary prerequisites for payment are met:

• payment of all existing debts registered in the land register;
• payment and receipt of the manager's permission to join the owners' association (if required);
• pre-registration in the land register in favor of the buyer (Auflassungsvormerkung);
• payment of all other bills.

2. Payment directly to the owner's account.

In this case, the buyer is also protected, payment is made only after the following conditions are met:

• payment of all existing debts registered in the land register;
• payment and obtaining the manager's permission to join the owner's association (if required);
• entering in the land register of preliminary registration in favor of the buyer (Auflassungsvormerkung);
• payment of all other bills.

After fulfilling all the prerequisites, the notary issues a notice (Preisf lligkeitsbescheinigung) about the need to transfer the entire value of the property to the owner's account, and the document also describes all the actions performed on the object.

After the transfer of funds, the preliminary entry in the land register is changed to the final registration of the new owner.

1. Tax on the acquisition of real estate: Grunderwerbsteuer
One-time tax on the acquired real estate, the interest rate of the tax depends on which federal state the object is located in and is 3.5-6.5% of the value of the property

2. Notary services 1-1.5% (excluding VAT) of the property value.

3. Ведение доверительного счета у нотариуса 0,25% (без НДС) от стоимости имущества.

4. Broker services range from 3.57% to 7.14% (including VAT) depending on the Federal Land.

5. Making a note about the preliminary registration of the object in the land register, deleting the mark, the final entering of information about the new owner and other legal registration is about 150 euros (excluding VAT).