The quantity of buying a property remotely in Germany has grown significantly during closed state borders in the Covid crisis.

The format of such deals is understandable and transparent for buyers in Germany, and for our company it is well-established process.

To pay attention to the components are the following two stages:

1. Stage
Searching and providing real estate variants.

На данном этапе Вам предоставляются наиболее подходящие варианты недвижимости присутствующие на рынке. По заинтересовавшим вариантам проводится дополнительный сбор информацию, а также запись видео недвижимости и прилегающей территории.
When you will come to a buying decision we can move on to the stage 2.

2. Stage
Remote notarization.

Assigning the date of notarization to a notary public.
A contract of sale can be signed remotely in two ways: the first by proxy and the second called Genehmigung.
You can grant the power of Genehmigung directly to the notary public and do not need to attract other persons in this case.

The document is signed by you at the German embassy or at a notary in your country, but in this instance also added apostil at Ministry of Foreign Affairs or at The Ministry of Justice (depends on the authorized body).

If you have questions, feel free to ask.

Our experts are always ready to consult you on real estate in Germany and provide additional information.

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