In the German market, the leader in the prefabricated house industry is DFH Holding, which includes brands such as Massa House, Okal and Allkauf. Companies have a long history, for example, the Okal brand has been known for more than 85 years, possess the experience and technologies that allow to realize almost any client's wishes.

Every year the holding produces more than 2,100 houses of various types that meet all modern requirements of German construction.

Today, the demand for prefabricated houses is growing faster than for stone houses, and in 2016 the holding plans to sell 3,100 houses.

For 10 years, this type of houses, on average in Germany, has maintained a market share of 14-17%. But according to the industry association BDF, prefabricated houses are especially popular in southwest Germany: in 2015 in Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate, almost one in four houses built were prefabricated. In one of the economically leading states - Baden-Württemberg, the share is even higher and amounted to 29%.