Many believe that the most developing cities are metropolitan areas such as Berlin, Munich or Hamburg. In fact, today the leaders in development are cities with less than 150 thousand population, but which have geographic advantages.

The Institute for German Economics in Cologne has published a rating of the most dynamically developing cities, led by Wolfsburg and Ingolstadt.


1. WOLFSBURG – 66,5
2. INGOLSTADT – 61,4
3. WÜRZBURG – 57,2
4. LEIPZIG – 57,0
5. BERLIN – 56,4
7. REGENSBURG – 55,0
8. LUDWIGSHAFEN am Rhein – 54,9
9. ERFURT – 54,6
10. FREIBURG im Breisgau – 54,4

Location, population growth, economic prosperity are positive facts for the development of the city. The leaders of the rating (Wolfsburg and Ingolstadt) are automobile cities and despite the fact that they have less than 150 thousand inhabitants, they are very attractive for large employers.

The real estate consultancy Wüest & Partner commissioned a study of the housing market in the car cities Wolfsburg (Volkswagen), Ingolstadt (Audi) and Regensburg (BMW). We analyzed the economic and demographic conditions and the dynamics of rental rates and prices for the purchase of real estate.

The research results showed that these three cities are favorable for investors looking for lucrative investment alternatives outside of the major cities. Over the past five years, rents in Wolfsburg have increased by 40%, in Ingolstadt by 22%, in Regensburg by 14%.

The boom in the rental market is a positive indicator of the regional economy.


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